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Installing A Catch Basin Insert Filter



Catch Basin Insert Filter

Installing A Catch Basin InsertSediment Control and Erosion control hand in hand in the prevention of erosion and capture of sediments before they pollute nearby waterways. The Water Decontaminator catch basin insert filter fits under the grate and removes suspended solids, oils and heavy metals from stormwater. The Water Decontaminator is the best available technology (BAT) for treating stormwater at the source. Filter cartridges are easy to replace and install. The Water Decontaminator is a cost effective, high quality device that makes maintenance easy.

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Trash Capture Device

Debris CollectedOne study published regarding the San Francisco Bay found that for every foot along a stream leading to the bay, an average of three pieces  of trash was visible.  Trash in our waterways and streets is an obvious and significant problem that contributes to water pollution and environmental aesthetics.  Trash capture is key to improve local waterways. Trash capture filters remove trash, leaves and sediment from stormwater. Different size mesh filters are available. This filter is designed to take out trash and large particles (5mm) at the catch basin. An optional fine micron screen can be added depending on the application.

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Above Grade Filter

Above Grade Filter SystemAll sites are different, for layouts that require above grade filtration, The Water Decontaminator filter is available in an above grade configuration. These can be fitted with multiple filter cartridges to meet any required flow rates.

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Driveway Sediment Trap

Driveway and parking lot runoff can carry pollutants and small trash and sediment. Sediment Trap FilterThe driveway sediment trap is designed to remove trash and sediment from driveway runoff before it can clog rock well drains. The sediment trap filter cartridge is easy to clean and reusable.

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Sand Filter

Sand FilterUsing the Sand Filter in conjunction with a periodic maintenance schedule can help avoid sediments and sands from clogging catch basins, pipes and rockwells. Sand filters use a micron screen bag to filter sand and other debris from rock wells and similar small catch basins.

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Sediment Dike

Sediment DikeThe sediment dike is an inflatable dike for flood control. When flood conditions threaten, the Sediment Dike is positioned, and a pump is used to fill the device. The pump draws water and sediment from the floodwaters and discharges into the dike until filled.

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Weir Filter

Weir FilterWater Decontaminator filter bags can be fitted inside the catch basin to filter water flowing in from adjacent catch basins and trench drains. These filters also allow for much higher flow rates because the filter can be made much larger.

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Grate Leaf Strainer

Sediment DikeCatch basins are storm sewer inlets that filter out debris such as leaves and litter. When storm drains get clogged with recently fallen leaves and debris, water can no longer be drained from the street. Water ponds along streets and can flood intersections and create localized street flooding which can be not only a nuisance but also a hazard to the traveling public. It is important to maintain catch basins to prevent blockages and minimize the amount of pollutants entering storm sewers. These storm drains either discharge into waste water treatment plants or outfall directly to streams. When using the Water Decontaminator, regular maintenance is desired. Keeping the Water Decontaminator free of leaves is important. Leaf strainers can be attached directly to the catch basin inlet to make cleaning easier and extend the filter life.

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Below Grate Leaf Strainer

Leaf StrainerStorm drains have grids to prevent large objects from falling into the sewer system. However, the bars are fairly spaced so that the flow of water is not blocked. Consequently, many objects fall through the grate, especially leaves and small litter. For applications where a above grade leaf strainer is not possible, below grade leaf strainers are available. They capture leaves and prevent them from blinding filters. Leaf strainers can be placed below the storm drain grate. Leaves, rocks and other debris get caught in strainer making service easier.

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Enhanced Filter Socks

Filter SockFilter socks can be placed around catch basins in dirt, gravel or construction areas for additional filtration.

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Manhole Odor Eliminator

Manhole Odor Eliminator InstallationThe Manhole Odor Eliminator is a variable volume bladder system with a carbon filter to treat hydrogen sulfide gas and other unpleasant odors coming from sewer manholes. The Manhole Odor Eliminator is a complete odor control filter system ideal for public areas, restaurant courtyards and any area with high foot traffic volume. The Manhole Odor Eliminator easily installs over a manhole.

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