Water Decontaminator Catch Basin Insert
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The Water Decontaminator catch basin insert can be fitted to the following catch basin styles.

Catch Basin Insert Valley Inlet Storm Drain
Catch Basin Insert Curb Inlet Storm Drain

Valley Inlet



Curb Inlet


Catch Basin Insert Round Grate Storm Drain
Catch Basin Insert Square Grate Storm Drain

Round Grate


Square Grate


In addition to the catch basin inserts, the following filtration devices are also available.Above Grade Stormwater Filter


The Water Decontaminator filter is available in an above grade configuration. These can be fitted with multiple filter cartridges to meet any required flow rates.

Flocculants can be added to these systems to cause sediments to fall out of suspension and settle to the bottom of the tank (Verify approval with regulating agencies before use).


The sediment filter is an emergency device to filter flood water. Empty filters come rolled up for easy transportation. Full filters are disposable and can be folded and removed later.Stormwater Sediment Filter

The sediment filter is designed for the following applications:

* Broken Water Lines
* Fire Water Cleanup
* Construction
* Flood Control
* Pretreatment


Floodwater Control TubeThe Sediment Dike is a tube constructed of a flexible material, and is stored deflated.  When flood conditions threaten, the Sediment Dike is positioned, and a pump is used to fill the device.  The pump draws water and sediment from the floodwaters and discharges into the dike until the dike is filled. (Click picture to see larger view.) 

The base of the dike material and the cross-sectional shape of the dike prevent it sliding away from the force of the floodwaters.  Although the membrane is constructed of a very tough material, the dike can be compartmentalized and valved to prevent total failure due to punctures or a tear. 

As the dike is filled with floodwater, the water is drained and the sediments accumulate in the dike to form a rigid body.  A water-permeable membrane within the dike envelope accomplishes the draining away of the water.  Air within the envelope is released through a vent and overflow on the top surface of the dike.  Once the dike is filled completely with sediment, it’s weight becomes approximately twice that of water. Protection against floodwaters is then assured to the full height of the dike.

Sediment dikes are available in any length from 5 to 1000 feet.


Manhole Odor EliminatorThe manhole odor eliminator is a carbon filter system designed to remove odors from sewer vents and other manholes. Each filter cartridge contains 20lbs of activated carbon. This filter can remove large amounts of hydrogen sulfide and other odors from sewer manholes.

Contaminated air enters the filter through a hole in the bottom of the cartridge. Air is then dispersed trough a large amount of activated carbon before exiting the filter. Click here for more information.



Above Grade Stormwater Filter
Carbon based filter system to eliminate sewer smells.

Sediment Filter Stormwater floodwater
A convenient portable floodwater filtration system.

Above Grade Stormwater Filter
Single filter above grade systems are a simple and convenient solution to any filtering requirements.