Manhole Odor Eliminator - Installed

About Us

Inventive Resources Inc. (IRI), was founded by, John A. Paoluccio, a Mechanical Engineer in 1984 to develop and manufacture its patented environmental products. IRI's mission has been to develop solutions to global environmental issues. IRI is consistently researching and developing products that tackle environmental problems.  IRI manufactures and markets twenty patented products and technologies. Top products include:

The Water Decontaminator Trash Capture Unit -  Catch basin inserts for treating storm water.
The Manhole Odor Eliminator, MOE™  - Manhole insert for treating sewer (hydrogen sulfide gas) odors from sewer manholes.
Seal 'N' Dry®  - Unit for protecting hydraulic oil systems, keeping them clean and dry.
OILN2 - Hydraulic oil protection unit that stops oxidation of the oil.
CNFbiofuel™  - Technology for turning waste wood into a useful fuel.
Pro-Tex International, a division of IRI, provides Pro-Tex clip-on lightweight faceshields to the medical industry all over the world.

And other special and custom products and technologies. Click here to see the IRI website.

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